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Whether you have only an idea or already have a rough-draft screenplay, we have a screenwriter for hire who can help and is a professional in your specific type and genre of screenwriting. We can help you to plot and plan your story, provide feedback and suggestions for your current draft, edit or rewrite your existing script, or ghostwrite an entire screenplay from idea to completed screenplay. We can even help with marketing once we’ve finished the story.

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While we would certainly appreciate some sort of acknowledgement once your script is sold / produced, you are not obligated to do so. Since we are screenplay ghostwriters for hire, you will retain 100 percent of the rights to your completed script. That means you can write your name as the writer. You will keep 100 percent of any potential profit earned from its sale!

What happens when you turn to writers for hire in your business or other writing need? You get more than you pay for when you hire a writer.
At Words of Value, we have a team of professional writers for hire who are going to help you with any project, no matter what you want as the end result. With our writers for hire, you will get all of the credit for the decision you’ve made, but you also get so much more when you turn to writers for hire. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.There are only 24 hours in every day and there are only so many skills you can master in your lifetime. While you might think writing for yourself is going to be the cheaper way to manage your needs, this is not always the case. Here are some of the reasons why writers for hire are essential:“If you’re looking for a professional writer for hire, you won’t go wrong with Nikki May and her team at Words of Value. She is the best writer we’ve ever had. We have hired Nikki and her team to write our press releases, articles, marketing documents and website content. Words of Value exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Nikki and her team”.Jeremy More EDITORIAL Our editorials have appeared in: The Hill, and dozens more. The Denver Post, houston Chronicle, bakken Oil Business Journal, share subject-matter expertise. Creative copywriting, brochures, your autobiography. Preserve a loved ones memories. Chicago Tribute, the Philadelphia Inquirer, read More TRADITIONAL writer for hire COPYWRITING. Inventors Digest, tell your companys story. Oil and Gas Journal,newsletter creation writer for hire and dissemination, we provide ghostwriters for C-level execs, and journalistic pieces such as op-eds or advertorials. Thought leadership pieces for trade publications, read More THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Showcase your companys expertise.
I’m Alicia Rades, professional blog writer for hire. I’ll write your blog posts so you don’t have to!

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pat brings her clients over 30 years experience as a news journalist, and business writer for hire marketing consultant. Writer For Hire Pat Kramer is a full-time business writer specializing in marketing, known as Writer For Hire since 1990, editorial and public relations materials for businesses and individuals. PR writer,

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Read what her clients have to say or take a look at Pats writing samples. If you have a writing need, contact Writer For Hire Pat Kramer and enjoy the benefits of having a professional writer on your team!

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Words of Value writers for hire . No matter what you might need when you hire a ghostwriter, coming to a professional service is the best decision you can make. Your writing deserves a professional touch. No matter what type of a you need for your business, we can help you, and we guarantee that we will meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations.