b. How will the value of the help desk be measured?

With a plethora of tools at his disposal, Tobias leans heavily on Google, the CIS Knowledge Base, and expertise from other Help Desk core staff to help solve problems.

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The CIS Help Desk & Dispatch Center has provided technical computing and phone support to the UNH Durham campus for nearly twenty years. While starting out with a handful of support assistants, the Help Desk has grown over the years to meet the challenging and changing needs of the campus community. In addition to providing phone support, Help Desk staff are often out in the field as well, helping incoming students at June Orientation and Back to School in September with everything from Blackboard accounts to virus protection. In fact, Help Desk Professional Services (HDPS) is a multi-faceted team which handles many areas of computing expertise, including webpage commuications and maintenance, computer training, accounts, CIS publications, and operator & directory services. This month, Signals peers through the Help Desk lens to share the experiences and knowledge of four core staff members.

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c. Should the help desk system be built, bought, or purchased as a service? If built, then where should it be built (in house, outsourced)?
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Tom Lamy is the Remedy™ Administrator for the Help Desk. Remedy™ is tracking software which creates a record of every call that comes into the Help Desk, and is the interface behind the Case ID number callers receive after their incident has been recorded by Help Desk staff. Tom also works in the Help Desk, and has seen his share of issues. He has also experienced the just rewards that come with helping someone in trouble.

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The Help Desk on the main floor of the Voorhees Computing Center (VCC) is the first place to go for help and information about computing at Rensselaer.

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An internal strategic objective associated with the Help Desk overhaul is to continually observe and meet the changing needs of the enterprise worker by offering access to on-demand knowledge and expertise information. The enterprise knowledge sharing component of the Help Desk will increase internal accessibility to issue-resolve and expert information, thereby creating somewhat of a global enterprise help desk. This bi-directional stream of resolve will allow every worker in the enterprise to perform help desk functions at a very basic level, by leveraging a relevant worker's expertise and/or the knowledge repository data, should the need to do so arise. The worker may use the information in a customer-facing manner by resolving an issue relevant to their project, or the information can be leveraged for internal project issue resolution. The enabling objective here is to create an enterprise expertise network accessible through a web-based dashboard application. The dashboard will leverage common social network features such as profiles, work interests, and expertise. Communities of practice will be auto-suggested by domain of interest and expertise. Each worker will develop a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, and methods of addressing recurring problems. The communities will develop their practice through a variety of activities. The following table provides a few examples: