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All your writing issues will be sorted out as we have a professional writing and editing team here. Our products include original papers and consultancy for all writing related issues. At your request, a highly qualified team of professional writers and writing consultants will attend you.

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Professionally oriented students can take courses in writing for business, industry, and science. Professional writing and editing courses enable students to work with specialized and complex information; to sharpen writing skills necessary for working in areas of business, industry, public relations, journalism, science, medicine, and government; and to develop skills of graphic and textual production for reports, manuals, grants, research proposals, and other business and technical documents. Students majoring in English with a focus on professional writing are encouraged to supplement the major by taking courses in communications, journalism, business, science, computer science, graphic design, or engineering.

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You have vision and a great product or service. Through professional writing and editing, we have the ability to communicate this information to your various publics, matching your message to their needs and desires. JoTo PR provides industry-leading writing and editing services—to such an extent that we were called upon by MSNBC to provide an online tutorial for businesses and authors on the subject of press releases.

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Whether you are seeking blog article writing services or essay proofreading, look no further. We offer over 20 services to our users, and we will save you money. What separates us from the competition is our business model. Why pay a flat rate for a service as dynamic as writing? We believe you should be able to choose the price you pay, so we created The Pro Paper. When you post a job, writers and editors will then place offers, and it will be your choice on which to take. You can view their qualifications, so you can find one that fits your needs. Our 3-strike system was designed to give editors the incentive to perform their best. If you aren't satisfied with the final product then we will give you a 100% refund. We hope you enjoy using our professional writing and editing services.Do you think that writing will be central to your career? Do you simply want to be prepared more fully for writing in the workplace? Courses in Professional Writing and Editing will help you make the most of your skills. Five courses are now available online as part of WVU’s Distance Education program, or as part of the regular course offerings through WVU’s Department of English. While you can take just one or two of the courses, successful completion of all five courses will earn a Professional Writing minor that you can combine with any other major. For more information on the distinctions between the Professional Writing and Editing Certificate, Minor, and Concentration, including eligibility requirements, please visit the Department of English's .
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StyleWriter is the only professional writing and editing software you can fully customize to your writing needs. Add, remove, ignore and make exceptions to editing advice. Add new categories or turn off existing categories to suit your writing needs. Organizations can computerize their existing house style rules.

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To be eligible to earn a minor, you must complete the following courses with a B average. You are, of course, welcome to take courses without formally pursuing a Professional Writing and Editing minor. Please Note: You can take the Professional Writing and Editing courses in any order.

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Employment opportunities for trained professional writers and editors remain strong. You will be able to gain communications or editing work within the corporate, education, cultural or government sectors, or in the growing field of social media marketing.