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The 72.8% of Mail Online's readers that come from outside the UK represent both a challenge and an opportunity - an advertising network with international sales could serve ads to those non-UK readers and therefore monetise the traffic. But, until then, all non-UK visitors are effectively a cost to the site. (Although being the UK's leading online newspaper site will, of course, attract advertisers - arguments about UK versus non-UK traffic will probably be left to geeks like me).

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You won't need a degree if you start your own Internet newspaper. However, while starting your own newspaper is a good idea if you have the skills and time to create a quality publication, if you hope to eventually be hired as a full-time columnist by someone else, you are still likely to need a degree. If you want to become a newspaper columnist and don't already have a journalism, communications or English degree, earning one on the Internet while starting your own online newspaper may work out well. If you choose an online educational program, make sure it's properly accredited and accepted by newspaper employers. Most employers in all industries can appreciate a good online education and it can be a convenient way for people to hold down a job or other pursuit while earning their degree.1. Dynamic Template: Typically an online newspaper has scores of pages and it's quite obvious that you need a dynamic template to work successfully as unlike static templates it will enable you to upload or update any piece of news article instantly with a few clicks. You should have access to powerful layout builder tools which allows the flexibility to rearrange different sections of the site. In addition you should have complete control over the Appearance feature so you can easily change colors, fonts, etc.
I shopped at several online term paper stores to determine where best to spend your cheating dollar

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With a heady mix of news, celebrity and controversy, - the umbrella site for the Daily Mail's titles - became the highest circulating UK newspaper online last week. But its rise is likely to throw up anomalies in the system of online newspaper traffic measurement - notably, that online newspapers are becoming "category plays", targeting sectors of the market, such as entertainment, news, video or business. The modern newspaper website is now a many-headed beast and can include everything from bingo games to almost full-blown TV reporting. To compare them with each other, like their offline equivalents, looks increasingly anachronistic.

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