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Another quality homework help website is At Home Tuition. However, like most sites that offer tutoring services, it isn't completely free. The service offers full curriculum training, including an assessment, lessons and private tutoring via the Internet.

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In recent years, there has been an explosion of popular novels based on Jane Austen and her works Best homework help websites
Does your child’s math homework have you stumped? Does he need help with a ? Direct him online to the growing number of homework help websites to help him find answers to his burning questions. Such resources range from reference sites to those staffed by experts. You might not immediately think of as a homework website for kids, but it provides a wealth of knowledge. Biographies cover famous folks including George Washington, Eli Whitney, Susan B. Anthony and many other important historical figures. It's worth checking out when it's time to brush up on history or research a certain person.So, what are the best homework websites for kids? The American Library Association (ALA) maintains . We scoured the list for five great homework websites for kids that tackle the toughest subjects and projects.
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Stuyvesant High School – In response to growing concerns of cyberbullying in schools, the Stuyvesant High School administration acted this week by shutting down homework websites throughout the school. According to a statement made Tuesday by school mascot Brian Moran, “Although we began searching for cyberbullying on social media sites and online forums, we quickly realized that the most destructive thing a student can find waiting for them on the internet is hours of soul-crushing work.”

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