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If you opt not to work with a sponsor and would rather pay for the grant writing services directly, that is fine, too. We charge $3,300 per grant (in addition to our post award fee to conduct the evaluation service if - and only if - your grant is awarded). Just let us know what upfront payment option you prefer so we can accommodate you.

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"There is no way that our district would ever be able to pay for the high quality grant writing services of the Grant Experts. It is an extremely helpful and professional grant writing program that they offer to schools. I urge you to try them out."

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you. My students now have laptop computers. My school library was just upgraded with cutting edge technology and we are now able to pay for a librarian to work 40 hours a week. All of this was because of the Grant Experts' free grant writing services."

This video describes the grant writing services of Onager Solutions and the benefits of using a grant writer.

Many organizations only need part-time grant writing services. Due to the cyclical nature of grant applications, it often makes more sense to pay for grant writing services only when you need them. Why pay the cost of a full-time grant writer if you don’t need that? Use the experience and quality of GrantWriting & Proposal Services.Our Grant Writing Services at CharityNet USA include: Guaranteed Research, Program Development Assistance, Problem Statement Research, Grant Customization and Preparation for local government, federal entities, faith-based and charitable organizations alike. Our database of targeted-funding foundations includes information on key contact personnel, application formats, eligibility requirements, and specific giving priorities, all need-to-know items to ensure your nonprofit’s success.
Perhaps you usually employ a full-time grant writer but are now needing interim grant writing services until you can find a full-time person who meets your standards. GrantWriting & Proposal Services can work with you on an interim basis until you find that “right” person.About the author
Diane H. Leonard, GPC is an experienced and highly respected grant professional who has provided grant development counsel to nonprofit organizations of varying size and scope for more than a decade. Diane founded DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, LLC based in Clayton, NY in 2006. Diane began her career in philanthropy as a Program Officer for the Michigan Women's Foundation, a statewide public foundation. Diane is an active member of the Grant Professionals Association and is proud to have earned her Grant Professional Certification, a credentialed certification conferred by the Grant Professional Credential Institute.
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Describe your typical day at work? Clean Fuels Ohio’s mission is to reduce petroleum usage by promoting alternative fuels and fuel efficient technologies in transportation. We accomplish this a number of ways, including: consumer education, grant writing services, fleet consulting services, and awards recognition for organizations leading the charge of petroleum and emission reductions in Ohio. We are a part of the Department of Energy Clean City Coalition, which is a network of similar-missioned organizations across the United States, which allows us to help with efforts both within our state and Midwest region. Because we promote all alternative fuels and technology, I wear many hats throughout my day, working across various programs and projects that cover different elements. This also recently included supporting the City of Columbus’ Smart City application, which includes many major electric vehicle deployment and charging elements.


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My mission as a consulting and technical assistance business is to improve the quality of life in communities by building the organizational capacity of nonprofits and local governments – especially those serving rural areas.

Extensive experience, knowledge, focus and quality work. First successful grant written in 1978. Independent grant searcher and writer since 1993. Professional contracted consultant providing research and prospect services to identify possible funding sources and providing technical assistance, grant writing services, grant marketing, and proposal review of grants prepared by customer prior to submission. Experience includes community development, health and human services, housing, progressive and entrepreneurial agriculture, arts/culture, at-risk youth and others.

We Write the Grants offers grant writing services within the greater Los Angeles area.

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Often used by cash-strapped non-profit organizations with little operational funds, this practice raises a number of ethical questions in the industry. First, grant seekers will have to creatively reflect the grant acquisition services provided by the grant writer in the grant application. Including grant-writing fee in the proposed budget of the grant application presents the risk of jeopardizing the client’s chances of securing the grant. Grant funders almost always stipulate that every dollar to be raised for and spend on a project be accounted for on a line-item basis. Grants are often requested to offset project costs and not operational expenses such as grant writing services.